Collection: Orgone

⭐The Ultimate Space/Energy Cleanser⭐
💚  Cleanse your aura & negative energy in spaces
💚  Reduce electric and magnetic fields (EMFs)
💚  Purify the air and boost your plants,
💚  Improve sleep quality
💚  Bring peace, happiness, protection, and transformation to your space. 
💚 Put on your pet's collar so they can experience the benefits!

Orgone is a combination of quartz, metal and resin in an orgonite device that  works to attract and purify orgone energy. Putting it inside a space with problematic energy will improve the conditions and rid the space of negative energy. Place orgone the closest to where you want its positive effect. You can place it on your work desk. You can wear it on a pendant necklace and even place it on your dog's leash or bed to benefit from it's healing effects. Placing orgonite near you or wearing it on you while meditating will help in calming and soothing the mind, help to keep the chakras cleansed, increase one's psychic ability, anxiety relief, and stress relief/ . Place it by your bedside to facilitate restful sleep. You can place it by plants and even your water source. Placing it by EMF sources will reduce the effects of EMF radiation. The healing effects of orgonite are endless. Orgonite is a great tool to add to your arsenal to advance your healing work and cleans your spaces.  


  • Purify air
  • Reduce electric and magnetic fields (EMFs)
  • Absorbs negative energy and expends positive energy
  • Supports restful sleep
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps plants
  • Promote balance & peace
  • Add to your pet's collar