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Amethyst Sphere Om Clarity & Self Connection Orgone Pyramid

Amethyst Sphere Om Clarity & Self Connection Orgone Pyramid

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💚 Amethyst, aqua aura quartz and OM symbol for CLARITY, INTUITION, communicating one's TRUTH, and CONNECTION with one's self.

💚 Used for reducing EMF radiation, absorbing negative energy, releasing positive energy relieving stress, supporting restful sleep, and enhancing plants.

💚 Perfect for tv stand, work desk, mantle, nightstand, or any space that could use energy cleansing.

In this orgone pyramid, amethyst represents clarity, calming, intuition, and ridding the mind of negative thoughts. It is associated with the crown chakra and third eye chakra. Aqua aura quartz stone is known for aiding in communication, realizing and speaking one’s truth. It is associated with the throat chakra. The Om/ Aum symbol is the sacred symbol of the universe representing the connection to one's divine self.

The pyramid/ orgone accumulator is stunningly gorgeous and an absolute beauty to hold and display. The powerful healing effects of the crystals are magnified in an orgone pyramid, sometimes call and energy generator or accumulator. Utilize the pyramid to align your chakras and experience restful sleep by placing it on your nightstand. You can place this pyramid in the area you which to clean or near an EMF source to reduce the effects of EMF radiation. It can also be used to revive plants. Where ever you place it, the space will benefit from the energy cleansing properties and the magnified effects of the natural stones. You should notice a difference in that space.

Orgone is a mixture of resin, metals, and crystals that are hardened into shapes. They form energy generators that are powerful tools for transforming negative energy, charging the environment with positive energy and protecting from EMF and radiation. They are also said to remove negative entities from the home. They promote health, well-being, peace, happiness and joy.

Size: 2 3/8”x 2 3/8”x 2.5” (L x W x H)

Material: natural stones (amethyst, aqua aura quartz), resin, gold foil

Note: Each item is unique and both sizing and color may differ slightly from the image and size described. We do our best to properly represent each product as accurately as possible. Things such as screen/monitors may display the product image colors differently. Due to the crafting nature of these items, minor imperfections are to be expected.

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