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For a short clip about amethyst, click here.

💜All items in this collection have amethyst in it or an amethyst variation of it. Click on the item to see the amethyst version. 💜

**Note: Store away from light  or/and a sunny window when on display as it can experience discoloration over time.

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Natural Stone Water Drop Crystal Rope Necklace
Regular price$20.99$14.99
  • A-Shell with Resin
  • A-Opal
  • A-Gold Sand
  • A-Malachite
  • A-Blue Sand
  • A-Purple Shell
  • A-Grey Agate
  • A-Abalone
  • A-Synthetic beeswax
  • A-Rose Quartz
  • A-Tiger Eye
  • A-Shell
  • A-Green Aventurine
  • A-Lapis lazuli
  • B-Abalone
  • B-Lapis lazuli
  • B-Red Stone
  • B-Malachite
  • B-Green Aventurine
  • B-Opal
  • B-Gold Sand
  • B-White shell
  • B-Black shell
  • B-Tiger Eye
  • B-Rose Quartz
  • B-Blue Sand
  • B-Amethyst
  • B-Green Turquoise
  • A-Amethyst
  • A-Green Turquoise

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Lotus Flower Amethyst Spiritual Growth & Intuition Orgone Pyramid

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Lotus Flower Amethyst Spiritual Growth & Intuition Orgone Pyramid

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