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Tranquility, Grounding, & Protection Couples Distance Bead Bracelets

Tranquility, Grounding, & Protection Couples Distance Bead Bracelets

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The pink zebra jasper, quartz and lava stone combination in these bracelets foster tranquility, calmness, reassurance and balance in the wearer through normal wear, meditation, prayer, or yoga. Both Jasper and lava stone are known for their grounding properties. These stones are also associated with the root chakra which is associated with feelings of security and grounding among other emotional attributes. Quartz absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It brings balance, protection, and provides immune support. Most importantly, quartz amplifies the effects of other crystals. This bracelet will help relieve stress and bring comfort especially when combined with essential oils placed on the lava stone. Natural stones help the body to align its vibrations bringing one’s energy into alignment. This allows the body, mind and spirit to function in sync and at a higher capacity towards healing itself.

Zebra colored jasper, white quartz and grey lava stone colors are subtle and calming as not to bring too much attention to the wearer(s). These two bracelets complement each other allowing them to be worn together or purchased together to have matching couples’ bracelets.  The rose gold and grey covered lava stones add a beautiful touch while the elastic band helps with durability and flexibility. A bracelet is a great way to be fashionable while elevating your vibrations. This is an added bonus because when you look good, you feel good. Add a couple of drops of perfume or essential oil to your lava stone and you will smell good too!

This piece makes a great gift for any one in your life who might benefit from its calming properties. No holiday or occasion is needed when you want to improve energetic hygiene.

Sizes:  8.5 mm beads, (zebra jasper, lava stone), and both 8.5mm and 10.2 mm beads, (quartz and lava stone bracelet.) 18 cm circumference. Fits most wrists.

Materials: Gray and white bracelet: Natural stone (quartz and lava stone). Gray pink white bracelet: Natural stone (Pink Zebra Jasper, Lava stone). Both have elastic band.

Note: Each item is unique and both sizing and color may differ slightly from the image and size described. We do our best to properly represent each product as accurately as possible. Things such as screen/monitors may display the product image colors differently.

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