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Black Frosted Matte Zircon Charm Couples Distance Bracelet

Black Frosted Matte Zircon Charm Couples Distance Bracelet

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💚 A perfect way to always have part of your loved one with you and you with them. Distance no longer means the same.

Black frosted couple’s bracelet set with carefully selected cubic zirconia ball charm. Couples’ bracelets are a great way to feel close when separated. Can be worn by two people or both bracelets worn by one person as a set. They look good either way. This beauty comes in four styles: rose gold, silver, dark silver, and gold. Anyone wearing these will certainly be stylish. Designed to be suitable for daily wear with 6mm beads for a subtle dash of something extra to add to your outfit. Handmade. Elastic bands allow for a size that fits most average sized adult wrists.

Size: 6mm beads, Approx. 19cm
Material: Natural stone, cubic zirconia. 

Note: Items may appear slightly different in color due to lighting. Measurements are approximate and also may vary slightly

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