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18K Gold Plated Angel Caller Diffuser Necklace

18K Gold Plated Angel Caller Diffuser Necklace

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Casual, diffuser, harmony ball, angel caller, pendant necklaces. These pictures do not do these necklaces justice. They are larger than they appear yet a lightweight statement piece. Necklaces come in five variants across three colors, all of which are equally beautiful and gold plated. The chain is very long as it is primarily a harmony ball necklace. It uses lava stones for added aromatherapy or a piano ball for the chime property only.

Harmony balls/ Angel callers are used as necklaces worn by pregnant mothers. The sounds the balls make can be heard by the fetus. This adds another familiar sound beside its mother’s voice. When the baby is born, the chime is said to have a calming effect because it is a familiar sound. It’s a great tool for a caregiver when mother’s voice isn’t around. When using lava stone, the addition of a safe and approved essential oil can increase the calming effects.

When used for aromatherapy, you utilize lava stone with essential oil.  The aroma of the oil or perfume diffuses and lasts all day! You can also use it in summertime to keep bugs away when combined with the right essential oil. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil/perfume to the lava stone. No dilution needed.

This item makes a thoughtful gift. Introduce someone to essential oils with a beautiful diffuser necklace. This is a great baby shower gift or anytime gift for an expectant mother.  It is a great way to use your preferred oils/perfumes with style.

Includes 1Pcs necklace. 1 Lava stone. 1 random chime ball. Additional chimes available for purchase.

Size:  length ~60cm. 

Utilizes 16mm balls.

Materials Zinc Alloy, gold plating

*** Perfume and oil not included.  To avoid mixing fragrances, it is not recommended to add more than one oil to a ball.

Note: Each item is unique and both sizing and color may differ slightly from the image and size described. We do our best to properly represent each product as accurately as possible. Things such as screen/monitors may display the product image colors differently.

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