Collection: Turquoise

Turquoise comes in many colors and is considered a protective stone. It was prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and the power of immortality across many cultures. It was used and adorned in ancient gems for protection, luck, power and attached to weapons for speed and accuracy. It is used to promote emotional balance, serenity, peace, releases inhibitions or self sabotage, purification and calmness. Its is said to help with purification of negative energy and  promotes the enhancement of the immune system because it is detoxifying. Turquoise is also known by some as a master healing stone with the ability to repair injuries, mental strife, and to promote harmony, spiritual guidance and romance.

White turquoise is often associated with the Crown chakra but has the ability to realign all seven chakras. It is a calming stone that can help with anxiety. Turquoise can help relax the mind, body, thoughts and emotions. If you suffer from critical thoughts about yourself or others, selfishness, or stress, this stone is perfect for helping you relax and releasing things that hold you down. 

Blue turquoise is associated with the third eye, heart and throat chakras. It bestows inner calm and is a good stone for creative problem solving. It encourages good intuition and foresight, enhances self-expression and communication. It helps you connect with cosmic energies. This is an ideal stone for channeling, automatic writing and communication with the angels. Use this stone to also boost your confidence, relax, and help you remain on the path for your highest good.


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