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Solar Plexus | Something U Luv

Solar Plexus Chakra

These items work for the solar plexus chakra due to the materials, oils and crystals it consists of. Use these items to maintain energetic balance of your solar plexus chakra.

**Some items are showing a different variant. If the item is in the collection, it has an option for this chakra.

If you want to know which chakra is out of balance, you can take the following quiz.

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Two Stone Couples DistanceBeaded Yoga Bracelets
Regular price$17.99 From $10.00 - $12.00
  • 8mm white dot blue
  • 8mm white amber
  • 8mm white malachite
  • 8mm white red
  • 8mm white black
  • 8mm white tiger eye
  • 8mm black green
  • 8mm blackweathered
  • 8mm white blue
  • 8mm white weathered
  • 8mm black purple
  • 6mm white-matte
  • 6mm white-red
  • 6mm white-blue
  • 6mm white-tiger eye
  • 6mm white-weathered
  • 6mm white-malachite
  • 8mm Light-red
  • 8mm Light-white KID SIZE
  • 6mm Matte-malachite
  • 6mm Matte-red
  • 6mm Matte-blue
  • 6mm Matte-whiteblue
  • 6mm Matte-tiger eye
Charm Retro Beaded Energy Chakra Choker Necklaces, Tiger Eye, Jasper and Onyx
Regular price$27.99 From $25.00 - $32.99
  • DN113
  • 02 Jasper Stone
  • 01 Tiger Eyes
  • TNB00201
  • DN111
  • 04 Matte Bead
  • 03 Red Tiger Eyes

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