Two Stone Couples Distance Beaded Yoga Bracelets

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Type: Bracelet

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💚 A perfect way to always have part of your loved one with you and you with them. Distance no longer means the same. Two toned frosted unisex couple’s bracelet...
8mm white dot blue
8mm white amber
8mm white malachite
8mm white red
8mm white black
8mm white tiger eye
8mm black green
8mm blackweathered
8mm white blue
8mm white weathered
8mm black purple
6mm white-matte
6mm white-red
6mm white-blue
6mm white-tiger eye
6mm white-weathered
6mm white-malachite
8mm Light-red
8mm Light-white KID SIZE
6mm Matte-malachite
6mm Matte-red
6mm Matte-blue
6mm Matte-whiteblue
6mm Matte-tiger eye
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