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About Us

Something U Luv is a Reiki inspired brand carrying energy alignment jewelry, energy stones and pieces that inspire oneness with nature, inner peace, and healing.

The idea of this store started with the personal use of the energy alignment items we carry. I noticed that I became the go to for these items and recommendations. We have created a place for people to buy items to make them feel beautiful, aligned, balanced and peaceful. Sometimes that is a crystal, and at others it is jewelry. Crystals work for you while they are in sight or being touched. Sometimes you need more than a moment and wearing your crystals  allows these healing moments to last all day. The items we carry can bring peace, protecting, emotional balance, courage, grounding, abundance, prosperity, security and most of all positive thoughts and vibes. They do this by raising and balancing your vibrations. When your energy is in alignment, your body begins to function optimally and do what it was made to do. When you are in mental, energetic and physical alignment in mind and body, you are unstoppable. Peace and love begin to mean something different. We find peace and happiness in helping you find it. We hope that when you use the item you purchase, it is Something U Luv.
We enjoy watching people learn about the uses of these things and the peace it brings to them. I hope that you find something you are curious about, purchase it, and it turns into Something U Luv.

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Joyful Creation (Sacral Chakra)Essential OilBlend by Plant Therapy

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Joyful Creation (Sacral Chakra)Essential OilBlend by Plant Therapy

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