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Key Meditation Statistics & Trends for 2021

Meditation is growing in popularity for many reported benefits. It's definitely something I like to keep in my arsenal along with reiki, and binaural beats. Based on research from 2017,  meditation is among "the most popular Mind and Body Practices in the US" (The Good Body, 2021). The following Infographic by TheGoodBody.com highlights some interesting trends. The full article, "24 Meditation Statistics: Data and Trends Revealed for 2021", can be found at The Good Body's website. Head on over to see trending revelations and how mediation can help you improve your quality of life. Who knows? You might actually grow to like it!



The Good Body (2021). 24 Meditation Statistics: Data and Trends Revealed for 2021 [Online]. Available from:  https://www.thegoodbody.com/meditation-statistics [Accessed 27 August 2021].

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