Camping in the Rain ☔ at Unicoi State Park

Camping in the Rain ☔ at Unicoi State Park

A 2022 RV Economic Impact study reveals that more an more people are choosing to use/buy RVs. (RV Industry Association,2022) With a RV, one has the ability to be closer to nature, travel with pets and accommodate your cooking needs with your own kitchen available. Naturally this growth led to camping spots being booked up! One must now make reservations 6+ months in advance. We traveled to Unicoi State Park in German styled Helen, GA scheduling our reservations 10 months in advance. One thing you have to be prepared for is undesired weather and that’s exactly what happened. I don’t want to focus so much on the location that we went to so much as the experience of camping in the rain. So here goes…

We noticed the week prior it was going to rain be we decided to just go for it. The most import part is family time anyway, right? I did the normal, prepping/packing of things to cook, looking up things we could do, making the camper cozy with my oils, pillows, heated blankets, orgone pyramids, etc. We loaded up and off we went.

We arrived and attempted to park which isn’t easy to back up a 37-footer on a hill in the mud, but hubby got it done! He’s a real champ. We set up and it was a holiday weekend so the park was pretty packed. I really enjoyed seeing this group of at least 8 males camping in hammocks and tarps, IN THE RAIN! Anyone camping at a state park in a tent with the wildlife out there, they are built different; they have my respect and admiration. They were just across from the bathhouse so they were in a very good spot. There was a real brotherhood going on there and I just loved to see it. I wish I had a picture but that would be rude, just randomly taking pics of strangers AND I am an introvert. I don’t know why I had never thought of this but I suggested my hubby and his friends do the same and take their sons annually.

Surprisingly, the first thing you want to do let the kids explore and walk the dogs while we set up the site. My dog is a hunting breed, so she loves seeing the squirrels and birds. Shortly after, we saw someone else suffering a parking misfortune. The driver misjudged the way in which his trailer would swing and how to back in. No damage was done physically, just the ego a bit. You ‘d hate for this to be you. Everyone comes out and watches you, inwardly judging. Someone usually helps you, but this really exacerbates the nerves you get. Moving on we found some things to partake in over the weekend such as paddle boarding in the lake, shopping in the nearby Dutch town:

, grabbing a bite at the local restaurant and tubing. The rain was on and off throughout the weekend. It drizzled some while we paddle boated as a family, but it didn’t take away from the experience or this view of the Blue-ridge mountains. 

It was very nice and soothing to hear the rain hitting the top of the trailer. I can’t really explain it so here is a view from our window just before the spot was taken. 

We were able to grill outside for at least one meal. Thanks to natural hair styles, the rain didn’t bother me. We did get caught in it downtown while eating at a local German style restaurant and it was actually kind of fun. I grabbed some cool souvenirs. We walked up a mountain to see Ruby falls pictured below.

The walk took longer than the view, but exercise is exercise, and it was nice to get a moment alone with my husband.  The kiddos stayed behind and watched TV a bit during this particular outing.

This trip was over a three-day weekend, and we found it to be just long enough considering the weather. I wouldn’t consider the trip a bad one. This was my second time there and we will go back again. I did however like the ability to just slow down and listen to nature, even in the rain. We had the internet for TV and each other. I never miss home when I am out with my family camping. No chores to worry about like when you are home. It feels like I have recharged, and I am always looking forward to the next time.

In a nutshell, the trip was a success. I would have taken more pics if I had any idea that I would write about this trip. The kids didn’t complain, we spent time as a family, and we still were able to enjoy the park and local community. Helen, GA has beautiful winter festivities, and I would love to go in December. Unfortunately, it’s out of the cards for us but if you can you definitely should! I’ll leave you with some pictures from this trip and our previous one. Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to Helen, GA or Unicoi.




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